About NDT Supplies and Accessories

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories

NDT supplies and accessories are components, ancillary equipment, standards, and consumable materials used in non-destructive testing (NDT). Ancillary equipment includes magnetizers, field indicators,  immersion tanks, and mobile inspection booths.  Specialized NDT supplies and accessories are used with fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI), dye penetrant testing and  magnetic particle inspection.

FPI and dye penetrant testing are NDT methods that detect discontinuities in the surface of components. Parts are sprayed with aerosols, immersed in liquids, or dusted with powders. Red dye penetrants are visible under normal light. FPI requires illumination from a UV light source. Both FPI and dye penetrant testing use a variety of NDT supplies and accessories. For example, before a penetrant is applied, cleaners are used to remove surface contaminants such as cutting oils and greases. After the penetrant is applied, removers are used to eliminate excess penetrant from the part’s surface. Developers improve flaw visibility by pulling penetrant from cracks to the surface. Contrast paints and aerosols are also used to help distinguish the penetrant from the part. Emulsifiers are liquid additives that enhance the suspension of penetrants. Sprayers are useful for spot-checking components in the field and testing large parts that cannot be immersed in tanks.

Magnetic particle inspection is an NDT method that magnetizes components and flushes them with an inspection medium consisting of a fluorescent magnetic powder and a carrier. A variety of NDT supplies and accessories are available. Magnetic particles are made of iron oxide and dyed gray, red, black, or yellow to provide contrast against the background of the test surface. Parts are magnetized with coil magnetizers, yoke magnetizers, conductors, contact pads, blocks, plates or clamps. With coil magnetizers, parts are passed through or laid on top of a magnet.  Portable or stationary power packs are used for AC or DC power supplies. Field indicators and magnetometers measure the strength of magnetic fields. Examples include flux indicator strips, magnetometers, magnetization detectors, and Gauss meters. Demagnetizers remove any residual magnetism from parts after testing.