Thermometer, Dial

A stainless steel thermometer with a 6" stem and 2" diameter dial.  No electrical connections, works on the bi metal principal.  Temperature range from 50-300°F.  Supplied with external mounting bracket.  Optional calibration / certification available upon request. … [Read more...]

Digital Ammeter

Digital Ammeter:  Reads 0 - 19,000. … [Read more...]

DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit 220V/50Hz

The DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit 220V/50Hz or 60Hz measures the output of MPI benches up to 12,000 amperes in AC, FWDC and HWDC.  In the AC mode a further selection can be made to read either RMS or average value. Features/Benefits Meets or exceeds applicable specifications NIST … [Read more...]

QQI-4230 Test Shim (CM4-230)

QQI-4230 Test Shim (4 Indications, 1/4" Circle Diameter, 1/4" Bar Length, (30%) .0006" (15 micron) Flaw Depth N500382001 … [Read more...]

QQI-234 Test Shim (CXT-2-234)

QQI-234 Test Shim, 3 Indications, 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" Circle Diameters, .0004 (10 Microns) and .0008 (20 Microns) flaw depths, (20%, 30%, 40%) N500383001 … [Read more...]

Magnetic Field Strength Indicator (Uncalibratable)

The N500203001 Uncalibrated Field Strength Indicator is an inexpensive pocket sized magnetometer used to detect residual magnetism after demagnetizing.  It has a scale of positive and negative polarity in 10 divisions reading in Gauss. … [Read more...]

DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit

The Gould-Bass Model DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit is a portable test instrument used to measure the magnetizing current output of magnetic particle inspection machines. The DTM-25A is suitable for measurement of up to 12,000 amperes AC, HWDC & FWDC current outputs. The digital meter used in … [Read more...]