Magne-Tech® 3500 Series

The Gould-Bass Magne-Tech® 3500 Series Wet Horizontal Unit systems continue to serve the inspection needs of both the commercial and military industries worldwide.

The Gould-Bass MPI units provide the most outstanding and reliable defect detection capability in the industry.

Each of these Gould-Bass magnetic particle testing machines feature the most advanced circuitry in the industry providing ease of operation, ergonomics, safety of parts being tesed, speed of testing and maximum repeatability and dependability.

Models Available

  • Model 3504-Magnetizing output is both 4000 AC and 5000 FWDC amperes with built-in AC push-button demagnetization. Available in various bench lengths.
  • Model 3505 & 3505-10-Available in 6000 and 10,000 amperes FWDC variations. Various bench lengths available.
  • Model 3509 & 3509-10-Available in 6000
    and 10,000 amperes FWDC variations with buith-in reversing DC push-button demagnetization.
    Various bench lengths available.
  •  Model 3509-01 -Magnetizing output is both
    6000 AC and 6000 FWDC. Demagnetization is both AC and reversing DC. Available in various bench
  • Model 3509-01-10 -Magnetizing output is
    both 6000 AC and 10,000 FWDC. Demagnetization is both AC & reversing DC. Available in 100″ &
    144″ bench lengths.

Features and Benefits

Gould-Bass Magne-Tech® 3500 Series Wet Horizontal Features by Model

  • Three Magnetizing Currents Available (AC, HWDC, and FWDC)
  • Infinitely Variable Current Control gives accurate 0 to maximum current control
  • Secondary Solid State Controls – Fast (8 millisecond) response time.
  • Digital Ammeter With Hold Feature
  • Silicon Rectifiers – Used for best regulation, control, and
  • Demagnetization – Automatic AC and/or Reversing DC.
  • “Quick Break” – Ensures maximum residual field and repeatability of inspection results.
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Minimum Service Requirements – Color-coded plug-in electronic modules for simple operator diagnosis and replacement.
  • Particle Bath Strength Held Constant – The Gould-Bass agitation system maintains particle bath strength within 3% of theoretical.
  • Parts and Equipment Protection – Will not permit high current application to improperly clamped parts. No leveling devices needed.
  • Heavy Duty Head/Tailstock Rails – Used exclusively on machines to assure heavy­duty load capabilities. Meets MIL specifications.
  • Current Assurance Indicator – Easy to read indicator to assure that magnetization current has flowed.
  • Front and Rear Hardwood Grilles
  • Footswitch Headstock Activation – Allows for easy part handling.
  • Variety of Bench Sizes Available
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Centralized Control Panel – Provides operator ergonomic control.

Accessories and Materials:

Gould-Bass Magne-Tech® 3500 Series Wet Horizontal Equipment Accessories and Options

Gould-Bass Company offers a complete line of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, parts and supplies including process control instrumentation and related accessories, such as field strength indicators, clamps, connectors, prods, sprayers, and powder applicators.