Gould-Bass Series 3534 Demagnetizers

The Gould-Bass Series 3534 Demagnetizers are designed particularly for removing the strong residual magnetic fields induced into parts by magnetic particle inspection magnetization, but they can be used with equal effectiveness in tool rooms and ships for general demagnetization applications.

The demagnetizers are self-contained units, designed for space saving bench top mounting. Dollar savings can also be realized since large space wasting bases are not a necessary part of the demagnetizer assembly. Where floor mounting is required, however, a compact base is available for all coil sizes. In addition, a track assembly with roller carriage can be added to facilitate moving large objects or quantities of small parts through the coil.

Demagnetization is accomplished by passing the magnetized parts through the high field strength coil while AC current is passing through the coil winding.

Demagnetization of parts which retain appreciable residual magnetism is often required. This is especially true if the parts are to be machined, assembled into mechanisms involving sliding or rotational motion, or located near instrumentation sensitive to external magnetic fields. The source of magnetization may be magnetic particle inspection equipment, arc welding, magnetic chucks, lifting magnets, or even the earth’s magnetic field.

The addition of the suffix “-T” i.e. 3534-T indicates the coil is mounted in a table with controls.

The addition of the suffix “-TC” i.e. 3534-TC indicates the coil is mounted in a table with controls and is fitted with extensions on either side of the coil. A track and carriage is provided to transport the parts through the coil.

Gould-Bass Series 3534 Demagnetizers – Models 3534A-3534D

Accessories and Materials:
Gould-Bass Company offeres a complete line of process control instrumentation and related accessories, such as field strentgh indicators, clamps, connectors, prods, sprayers, and powder applicators.