Portable MPI Units

Magne-Tech® Transportable Magnetic Particle Inspection Units – Models 1500-1515-1515D

The Gould-Bass line of Magne-Tech® portable magnetic particle inspection units can be used for a wide variety of applications to quickly and reliably detect surface and near surface discontinuities in both circular and longitudinal modes. Because of their small size and light weight, the Models 1500 & 1515 can be easily transported by one person to the inspection site. This compact feature is particularly valuable in limited access areas, such as those found on ships, bridges, pipeline, aircraft, petro chemical plants as well as other close quarter applications.

Key Applications for Magne-Tech® Portables:
Preventative maintenance in testing weldments on bridges, railroads, pipeline, pressure vessels, tubing, bar stock, forgings, castings, aircraft, ships and anywhere that ferrous metals must be inspected for cracks.

Simple to Operate:
All operating controls and indicators are located on the recessed front panel. The easily read ammeter shows magnetizing current in either AC or half-wave DC operating modes. The AC mode minimizes background interference, permitting high sensitivity, speed, and accuracy of surface defect identification. The DC mode provides increased magnetic field penetration for detection of near surface discontinuities. A current adjustment control permits precise adjustment of the magnetizing current. The ammeter is protected against damage from rough handling, and all units are protected against overheating.

Magne-Tech® Transportable MPI Models 1500-1515-1515D

Features / Benefits:

  • Meets Military & Industrial Specifications
  • More output per unit weight & size
  • Advanced modular design
  • Simple to operate
  • Rugged duty cycle
  • Highly portable/transportable
  • Ideal for use in limited access areas
  • Protected recessed front control panel
  • HWDC & AC magnetizing power
  • 1515D provides auto AC demagnetization
  • Thermal overload protection
  • For prod or cable wrap use
  • Infinity variable current control
  • Remote control feature

Accessories and Materials:
Gould-Bass Company offers a complete line of process control instrumentation and related accessories, such as field strength indicators, clamps, connectors, prods, sprayers, and powder applicators.

Specification Compliance:
ASTM E1444 & E-709 ASME Section III (Latest Rev.)
Navships 250-1500 Mil-STD-271 (Latest Rev.)

* Meets other Mil & Industry Standards. Contact Gould-Bass for details.

Magne-Tech® Transportable MPI Units Fact Sheet & Technical Data