Lead Plate, 1/4″ Thick

Lead Plate, 1/4" Thick  x 6" x 7.25" N9C9021001 … [Read more...]

Contact Block

Contact Block enables extension cables, prods and clamps to be used remotely from a wet horizontal unit.  The Contact block is clamped between the head and tail stock and cables are bolted to conductive plates at each end of the block. … [Read more...]

Lead Plate, 1/4″ “D” Shaped (MX Units)

Lead Plate, 1/4" "D" Shaped for Magnaflux Units N501206001 … [Read more...]

Lead Plate, 1/2″ Thick

Lead Plate, 1/2" Thick X 6" X 7.25" N500211001 … [Read more...]