UAES-505 Electrostatic Spray Booth System

This station is designed to process parts through an electrostatic penetrant application system. The electrostatic system includes an application gun complete with all necessary regulators, gauges, and filters.   Parts to be processed are to be positioned onto the roller grille. Before the … [Read more...]

HVLP Penetrant Application Gun System

HVLP Penetrant Spray Gun System includes gun, hose and drum pump with siphon kit.  Contact Gould-Bass for clarification regarding your application. … [Read more...]

HVLP Penetrant Application Gun Only

HVLP Penetrant Application Gun Only … [Read more...]

AMC Filtration System

AMC Penetrant Effluent Filtration System with auto sump pump and single carbon canister.  Contact Gould-Bass for specifics for your application. AMC and AMCC Filtration System Printable Fact Sheet … [Read more...]