UAES-505 Electrostatic Spray Booth System

This station is designed to process parts through an electrostatic penetrant application system. The electrostatic system includes an application gun complete with all necessary regulators, gauges, and filters.   Parts to be processed are to be positioned onto the roller grille. Before the … [Read more...]

HVLP Penetrant Application Gun System

HVLP Penetrant Spray Gun System includes gun, hose and drum pump with siphon kit.  Contact Gould-Bass for clarification regarding your application. … [Read more...]

Air Hose for Dry Deveolper Powder Spray Gun, 10′ Long

LFC-HT-1/4-10' Air Hose for N500354001 Dry Developer powder spray gun. … [Read more...]

Dry Powder Developer Spray Gun, Model LFC

Dry Powder Developer Spray Gun.  This unit is an air operated spray gun with a one quart aluminum powder tank for economical small production spraying of dry developer powder.  Air consumption is 3 CFM at 25 pounds, 1/4" air inlet. … [Read more...]

O-Rings for TRI-CON N410506001 (only) Spray Gun with Modified Nozzle

O-Rings for TRI-CON Spray Gun only with Modified Nozzle (Rockwell),  Three required per assy. … [Read more...]

Splash Guard only f/N410506001for Spray Wash Gun with Modified Nozzle

Splash Guard for TRI-CON Spray Wash gun with Modified Nozzle (Rockwell) … [Read more...]

Nozzle, Modified per Rockwell f/N410506001 Tri-Con wash gun only.

Modified Nozzle only for TRI-CON Spray Wash Gun (Rockwell) … [Read more...]

TRI-CON-RM Spray Gun with Modified Nozzle (Rockwell Specification)

TRI-CON-RM Spray Gun with Modified Nozzle (Rockwell Specification) … [Read more...]

Nozzle only for TRI-CON Heavy Duty Spray Gun

Nozzle only forTRI-CON Heavy Duty Spray Gun … [Read more...]

Gun Only for TRI-CON Heavy Duty Spraying Assy.

TRI-CON-HD-G Heavy Duty Spray Gun Only (no nozzle) … [Read more...]