Gould-Bass Co.

Leading the Industry in Non-Destructive Testing Equipment

Solidly based in California since 1971, Gould-Bass Company is “A Total Concept Company.” From initial design, through production and installation, our company’s diverse experience and professional approach have made it an industry leader in material handling, production and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment including Magnetic Particle Inspection systems and Modular Penetrant Inspection systems

Gould-Bass Company also offers a complete line of NDT Supplies and Accessories, including  process control instrumentation and related accessories, such as field strength indicators, clamps, connectors, prods, sprayers, and powder applicators.  

Our 63,000 sq. ft Pomona facility includes a full compliment of machining, steel fabrication, welding and electrical assembly equipment and personnel. Gould-Bass Company’s engineering staff is experienced in a wide range of automated, semi-automated and manually operated machinery.  In addition to its onsite personnel, Gould-Bass has contracted representatives who offer experienced sales and technical assistance for the NDT industry worldwide.

A shift in the world oil markets during the late 1970′s prompted Gould-Bass Company to diversify its marketing focus, revisit some basic business principles and become flexible in markets served and products designed. The company broadened its engineering and production capabilities as it diverged into various industries involving material handling and production line equipment.

In 1977 Gould-Bass Company introduced the Case-Over Packer-Sealer. Its patented compact design provides a fully automated high-speed product packaging and carton sealing system while conserving valuable floorspace. Clients from 3-M to Ocean Spray have purchased the Case-Over Packer-Sealer for integration into their production lines for a wide variety of products, from plastic bowls to champagne bottles. The unique bottom-loading feature of the system provides safe and gentle handling of products and containers. Gould-Bass Company continues to provide a complete line of packaging equipment with custom design features to fit each unique product.

In the 1980′s Gould-Bass Company entered the competitive field of non-destructive testing equipment. As the designer and fabricator of the Ardrox line of magnetic particle and penetrant inspection equipment, the company has produced and integrated automated and semi-automated equipment for industry leaders in the automotive, commercial airline and aerospace industries.