Single Prods with Solid Tips

Set of Two Single Prods with Solid Tips, with Remote Cable & Firing Button Individual contact prod sets offer the greatest flexibility in prod spacing and magnetizing of complex shaped parts.  One prod in the set of two has a firing button built into the handle for switching on and off the … [Read more...]

Double Prods with Solid Tips

Set of Double Prods with Solid Tips, Remote Cable and Firing Button N500227001 … [Read more...]

Double Prods with Braid (brush) Tips

Double Prods with Braid (brush)  Tips,  Remote Cable & Firing Button N500231001 … [Read more...]

Small Parts Adapter Replacement Tip

Replacement Tip for Small Parts Adapter N500326001 … [Read more...]

Copper Prod Tip (Solid), Replacement

Copper Prod Tips, 6" Replacement Tip for N500228001 & N500227001. N9B4271001 … [Read more...]