Digital Shot Duration Timer SD-201

Gould-Bass Model SD-201 Digital Shot Duration Timer

The Gould-Bass Model SD-201 Shot Duration Timer is a portable, hand-held instrument that measures the time that an AC or DC magnetizing current flows through test parts on magnetic particle inspection machines.

The easy to read liquid crystal display reports the duration of current flow from 0 to 999.999 milliseconds and is accurate within 0.2%. Unlike other timers that only sense the internal machine timer setting or the contact closure time, the Gould-Bass SD-201 measures the actual length of time that the magnetizing current flows through the test/inspection part. With the Gould-Bass Model SD-201, the actual output current flow time is measured to assure that test pieces inspected with MPI equipment receive the proper duration of magnetizing current flow in order to produce optimum defect indications.

(Note: Due to the varied rise times of MPI equipment, a machine’s internal timer may need to be adjusted to 700 milliseconds or more to achieve an actual current flow of 500 milliseconds in duration.)
Features / Benefits:
  • Meets AMS, ASTM, & Mil Standards
  • NIST Traceablilty assures meter accuracy
  • 6 Digit Liquid Crystal Display
  • Meter Accuracy within 0.2% (at 10-70 deg. C)
  • Display Level of 0 to 999.999 milliseconds
  • Completely Portable
  • Durable Molded Case
  • Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • AC Charger / Adapter Included

SD-201 – Technical Data and Operating Instructions

Digital Shot Duration Timer SD-201