500SP12 Split Coil 12″

The Gould-Bass 500SP12  12" Split Coil is a three turn coil with a quick disconnect.   It is constructed of 4/0 size flexible cable.  The split coil is easily placed around or through a part and snap locked together.  Custom sizes are available. please contact us for price and delivery information. … [Read more...]

Cable Connector, Either End Lug Adapter

Cable Connector,  Either End Lug Adapter (2 required for prods or clamps) … [Read more...]

Double Prods with Solid Tips

Set of Double Prods with Solid Tips, Remote Cable and Firing Button N500227001 … [Read more...]

Double Prods with Braid (brush) Tips

Double Prods with Braid (brush)  Tips,  Remote Cable & Firing Button N500231001 … [Read more...]