Digital Ammeter

Digital Ammeter:  Reads 0 - 19,000. … [Read more...]

DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit 220V/50Hz

The DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit 220V/50Hz or 60Hz measures the output of MPI benches up to 12,000 amperes in AC, FWDC and HWDC.  In the AC mode a further selection can be made to read either RMS or average value. Features/Benefits Meets or exceeds applicable specifications NIST … [Read more...]

Normal Duty Spray Wash Gun Assembly-Model 200

The Model 200 Normal Duty Spray Gun is designed for use with modern penetrants which require a low pressure wash of 20-30 PSI.  The elongated 90º spray tube is convenient for recessed radius areas. The Spray Wash Gun Assembly includes the Normal Duty Water Bib (N500223001) and the Brass Full Jet … [Read more...]

QQI-4230 Test Shim (CM4-230)

QQI-4230 Test Shim (4 Indications, 1/4" Circle Diameter, 1/4" Bar Length, (30%) .0006" (15 micron) Flaw Depth N500382001 … [Read more...]

QQI-234 Test Shim (CXT-2-234)

QQI-234 Test Shim, 3 Indications, 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" Circle Diameters, .0004 (10 Microns) and .0008 (20 Microns) flaw depths, (20%, 30%, 40%) N500383001 … [Read more...]

V-Block Contact Pad Holder

Molded V-Block Contact Pad Holder, manufactured from Buna N, consists of a V-Block and contact pad attachment back plate in a single molded piece. N500225001 … [Read more...]

Small Parts Adapter for MPI Units

Small Parts Adapter for MPI Units (parts shown are shipped assembled) N500325001 … [Read more...]

Contact Clamps

Contact Clamps, Spring loaded contact clamps are used in the inspection of tubing, bars and other parts.  Clamps connect via lugs and flexible cables to the output connectors, and are replaceable when worn. Sold individually, order two (2) N500220001 … [Read more...]

CR-1025C Cool Running UV Lamphead w/25′ Cord

CR-1025C Cool Running UV Lamphead with 25' Cord on Reel, No Plug, for use with Fan Console N415381001 … [Read more...]

Bracket & Rod Assembly, Wall Mount for Adjustable Arm

Bracket & Rod Assy, Wall Mount for Adjustable Arm N410446001 … [Read more...]